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We truly love Mediterranean food, we’re so passionate about good Mediterranean cuisine that we have dedicated our lives to perfecting all of our favorite recipes.

Rokka Mediterranean

Rokka Mediterranean Restaurant & Cocktail Bar | A La Carte Dining. Rokka also known as rocket, is one of the nutritious green leafy vegetables of Mediterranean origin.

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Most chosen food from Rokka’s cuisine.

House Specials
Lamb Shank (GF)

Braised lamb shank served on a bed of creamy mashed potato, red wine sauce and mixed vegetables.

Halloumi Chicken (GF)

Sliced chicken breast rolled up with halloumi, asparagus, carrots with saffron cream, Dijon mustard and spinach. Served with rice or chips

Turkish Lamb Casserole (GF)

Slow cooked diced lamb, red wine, bay leaves, onion and mixed vegetables. Served with rice or chips.

Pollo Ala Creama (GF)

Pan fried chicken breast with asparagus, wild mushroom, onion, white wine, garlic, Dijon mustard and cream sauce. Served with rice or chips.

Vistamar Sepia Malbec
Chianti Ruffino
Pornstar Martini
Lemon Curd Amaretto Sour
“The staff are fabulous can’t do enough for you. Wonderful food fine wine Great Atmosphere. This will definitely become a regular haunt. 100% satisfied. Yamass”
Lisa Turner
“Amazing dining experience. We all felt like we were on holiday in Turkey and not in Bolton. Great service, great atmosphere.”
Carrie Jane Westwell
“We’ve always had a great experience at Roka and tonight was no exception. The food was excellent and the drinks were lovely.”
Emma Durkin
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